Flexible Four-Part Harmony Folk Tune Sheet Music

Build-Your-Own-Arrangement Packs

What You Get

These folk arrangements can be used by a variety of different instrumental groups, although they are predominantly aimed at string players.

There are four parts in every arrangement: the melody, two harmony parts and a bassline.

The melody is written in treble clef, and the other three parts all come in three versions: treble clef, alto clef and bass clef.

They are in three packs of seven tunes: Irish, Scottish and English. There is also a discounted pack ("Build Your Own Arrangement Bundle") containing all 21 arrangements.

How it Works

The players can make their own complex arrangements (e.g. in a folk band arrangement workshop, or if they are a performing folk group), switching the different lines between instruments when the tune is repeated several times. Alternatively, a group can use this sheet music to play a simple arrangement, with each player choosing one part and just playing that one.

As well as being suitable for use by quartets, they can be used by duets and trios (or by larger groups such as a fiddle group or string orchestra). The harmony parts do not all have to be played at once.

For example, a duo made up of two violins could use the harmony parts in a variety of ways. For the simplest possible arrangement, one violinist could play the melody, and the other could play one of the harmony parts. For a more complex, developed arrangement by more advanced players, both players can switch between playing the melody and different harmony parts, and the tune can be played several times through.

Sheet Music Scores and Parts

As there are many different ways to use these arrangements, each arrangement is presented in a variety of formats. When you buy one of my tune arrangements or bundles, you’ll get all of the following:

  • Individual instrument parts: harmonies and bass line in all three different clefs (treble, alto and bass) and melody in treble clef
  • A string quartet score
  • A score with all parts in treble clef
  • A score with all parts in alto clef
  • A score with all parts in bass clef
  • Chords written above the melody, which can be played by an accompanist (e.g. guitar, piano, accordion)

In simple arrangements in which players want to play one part only, the individual parts can be used.

In complex arrangements, in which the tune is played several times and players want to switch between parts, the scores with all the different harmony options can be used.

Some groups may want to use a mixture of both! The harmony parts are intended as building blocks or materials for building your own arrangement, in a band, fiddle orchestra, string duet or string trio.

Examples of How Different Groups Can Use the Sheet Music

I have written about some different ways that different combinations of instruments can use the harmony parts. Click on the group that's most like yours to find out you can use the sheet music.

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