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Folk Fiddle Group - Harmony Arrangements Sheet Music

Fiddle Groups, or Other Groups of Violins and Violas

My harmony sheet music is ideally suited to folk fiddle groups. Often a fiddle group might have one or two viola players who have come to join in, and if these players don’t want to play in higher positions or switch to the lower octave every so often, they can play the harmony parts instead. Even in the absence of violists, many fiddle groups like to play in several parts and harmonise.

The “bassline” part, when transposed up into treble clef, provides a simple part for less advanced players. This can be played by violinists and violists.

On the other hand, more advanced viola players may enjoy playing the more demanding harmony parts, which are often more complex than the traditionally “boring” viola parts that they might play in a classical orchestra.

To use these parts in a group of violinists and/or violists, you can provide the violinists with the “all treble clef” score and let them choose the part they want to play, and do the same with the “all alto clef” score for the violists.

Alternatively, each player can just use the individual part of their choice from the single instrument parts.

The same principles can be applied to groups of two violins and two violas, one violin and three violas, or three violins and one viola.

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