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Folk Arrangements for String Quartet, or String Orchestra

Simple String Quartet Arrangements

To use the sheet music for my folk music arrangements in a string quartet, the simplest way is to choose one part for each instrument from the individual parts.

Violin 1 can play the melody, which is provided in treble clef.

Violin 2 is best suited to harmony 1, using the treble clef version.

The viola can play harmony 2, using the alto clef version. (If your string quartet has three violins, rather than two violins and a viola, you can use the treble clef version of harmony 2 for the third violinist).

The cello can play the bassline, using the bass clef version.

More Complex String Quartet Arrangements

If the players in your quartet are more adventurous and want to experiment with switching to different parts when the tune is played multiple times through, you can use the four-part scores.

The violin players can both choose parts from the treble clef score.

The viola player can choose parts from the alto clef score, and the cellist can choose parts from the bass clef score.

Not every combination of parts will sound good together, but the group can enjoy experimenting, deciding what sounds best, and building up their own arrangements.

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