Midnight on Platform 16B

An Illustrated Book of 38 Original Tunes for Solo Viola, Cello or Violin

My book of original tunes is available for viola, cello and violin. Each version is written in the appropriate clef for the instrument, and is transposed to fit on the instrument to be comfortable.

It can be purchased as a digital download (pdf) or a full colour physical book. You can listen to demonstrations of all the tunes played on the viola before purchase.

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More Info

The tunes in this book are influenced by the folk traditions of the British Isles, Scandinavia, France and the Balkans, and originally composed as folk viola tunes. All tunes are playable in first position (apart from one small section in the extended version of "Audierne" which goes higher).

The scores are illustrated throughout with collages, drawings, performance notes and anecdotes. The music is presented as melody with chords for accompanist.

You can hear all pieces played on viola (without making a purchase) here. These tracks are included in the digital sheet music downloads. If you buy the physical book, I'll send you a voucher code which you can use to download the recordings if you wish.

Transpositions in the Different Versions

The tunes in the violin and cello versions are transpositions of the original viola version, and are designed to fit comfortably on each instrument, rather than to enable them to be played in unison in groups of differing instruments.

For example, the cello version is down an octave from the original viola version, and a few of the tunes are transposed up by a 5th in the violin version.

This means that if you buy a copy of the violin version and one of the viola or cello version, you will not be able to play all of the pieces together in unison/octaves - some will be a 5th different.

If you want to know more about what you can and can't do with this music, contact me for more info.

List of Tunes

  • The Flaming Torches
  • Jig of Slurls
  • The Scree
  • The Falls of Cruachan
  • Langsett
  • Audierne
  • Hunting the Off License
  • Trip to Heligoland
  • The Milk White Turbot
  • The Granville Hornpipe
  • The Ice Sculptor
  • The Last Shoe Shop in Camden
  • Hole in the Knee
  • I Thought it was an Antelope
  • The Hour After
  • Betty's Mirror
  • Burlilty
  • Searching for Shells in Seaview
  • Whisky in the Dark
  • Out of the Lock
  • National Express 348 Bristol to Oxford
  • Terribly Nice Polite Cup of Tea Hornpipe
  • Sopley Mill I & II
  • Tumbling Over Tussocks
  • Midnight on Platform 16B
  • The Giant's Causeway
  • Walberswick
  • Leaving Whitby
  • Quiet River
  • On the Carpet
  • The Farrar Street Poisoner
  • Malachite
  • The First Bonfire
  • Pillowfish
  • Fly up the Hill
  • The Animals are in the West
  • Mirage

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