New 48 Bar Jigs for Ceilidh Bands

Every ceilidh band I've ever played in has had a 48 bar jig shortage, relative to the number of dances requiring 48 bar jigs. So I've started writing some new ones.

The first set of ten is now available, written as five sets of two tunes (although you can mix and match them with other tunes as you like, obviously). The download includes scores with melody and chords for each tune, as well as scores with melody, chords and basslines, and demo recordings of each tune played all the way through.

UPDATE: due to popular demand! On my folk viola site I now have a version of this pack that is transposed down a fifth, and scored in alto clef, for viola players. You can get the viola version here.

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Demo Videos

Some of tunes played on the viola (the violin version may not be in the same key!)